Upgrade SL305 to SL410 or 420

I have a SL305 with a toasted motherboard.

I’d like to upgrade with the upgrade kit SL3 to SL4.

Thing is, service center says it’s not compatible with my chassis. How so?!




  • Hello cmmaia,
    you probably have a One 55 with chassis SL305. Unfortunately, the SL410 upgrade kit was and is not available for these TV sets. It is the panel or connection on the mainboard that is not compatible

  • Hi.
    Yes, I do have a One 55.

    I thought differences with 310/320 were lack of Bluetooth and an extra connection in the back for a sound system?

    Are you telling me the SL305 has a different lcd panel with incompatible pins compared to 310/320?

    Is there any chance at all to upgrade to SL4? (Faster cpu)


  • The pin assignment is compatible. But the software is not compatible. However, a Loewe dealer can change the software and panel ID.

  • So, effectively, I can change a SL305 to a SL410/420 and only the panel ID needs to be changed? Can you provide a little more information so that I can pass on to the service center?

    Please get back to me asap.


  • Upgrade kits to chassis SL4XX were available for units with chassis SL3XX via specialised dealers. These kits are no longer available for sale. Technically, there is a lot that can be done and it depends on the hardware and software. In your case, I can only refer you to the dealer. If he still has an SL410 mainboard, he can get all the necessary information and software for our dealer service. I can't say any more from the official side.

  • Michael, how can I put the service centre directly in contact with you?

    Again, I have a SL305 that needs a new motherboard and official service center is being told that only the same board can be put in place, and that no SL4xx is possible.

    If I am paying for a new motherboard, and if, as you say, SL4xx is possible ("there is a lot that can be done"), then I want to upgrade!

    Could you direct message me with an email of yours so that I can give to the service centre? They are Loewe authorised!

    Please get back to me.



  • The statement from your service centre is correct. In the case of defective boards, the only option is always a 1:1 exchange. Our service concept is like this. If we were to deliver an SL4XX instead of an SL 3XX chassis, we would quickly run out of SL4 XX mainboards and would no longer be able to help our customers. As already mentioned, an upgrade kit was available 6 years ago, but it is no longer available. If dealers or service centres still have an SL410 mainboard left, you can do an upgrade. If you are interested in features, most of them are also available for SL3XX with the latest software. You can contact me via CCC@loewe.de with the reference to my name. Please include the country you are from and your contact details/address.

  • Thanks. I’ve passed on the info to the service center.

    I want the speed of the SL4xx.

    While I understand the reasoning, as a power user, I’m looking to upgrade the board as I have to buy a new one anyway.

    Again, if at all possible, you will be contacted by the service center and please help to install an SL4xx.


  • They are now claiming that SL305 CAN be upgraded to 410/420, but stating that it is impossible because:

    • IR receiver connector is different
    • can’t connect Wi-Fi board because there’s no Bluetooth and as such, different cable

    Not really sure what’s going on. Could you point me further in my matter?

    Thanks for all the help, Michael

  • Well, after going back and forth trying to setup an eventual upgrade, and having differing opinions between Germany and official service center, I’m reporting that I’m stuck again on SL3.

  • Not only that, I had some activated features that did not pass through to the new motherboard. Serial# as "0".

  • Dominik
    bearbeitet November 2022

    Hello cmmaia,

    who replaced the mainboard? Normally the dealer should set the correct article and serial number when changing the mainboard.

    Best regards,
    Dominik from the Loewe-Team

  • I would thought so but it's hopeless. He says he has to follow Spain's instructions and clearly dismisses what we have been talking here. He doesn't care what Kronach says, he's unwilling to cooperate even though I've tried connecting everyone so that I could get the best service I could. Now I don't even have what I used to have...

  • Hello cmmaia,

    I am very sorry that the service is not working for you. You have the right to a correct repair and if, for example, the article and serial number are not entered, this is a defect. I can only advise you to contact your service department and ask them to correct this. Otherwise, different functions/features will not be activated by the software. After all, you paid for the service.

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