One 55 UHD SL305 started rebooting every 5 minutes

Hi there.
I have a SL305 chassis that has been faultless since 2016 but yesterday started rebooting after 5 minutes.
Does anyone know what the cause may be?

PS: I have already reinstalled latest firmware, defaulted TV set to factory settings using the menu.




  • Hello cmmaia,

    so your TV is running already at V5.4.1.0? At which source does the reboot happen (normal DVB stream, HbbTV, any app)? Does the TV also reboot, if you disconnect everything from it?

    So as first try, I would remove all HDMI devices, all antenna signals, network and see if the TV is stable then. Then plug back in part by part to see what triggers the problem.

    Where are you from? Do you use local DVB-C/DVB-T or DVB-S signal? It is also possible that the DVB provider changed something that is causing problems now .

    Best regards,
    Dominik from the Loewe-Team

  • Hello. Thank you Dominik.
    TV is running latest firmware ( and I've reset it to factory settings.
    It will reboot even when first setting it up, with no channels being viewed. Every 3 to 5 mins the screen goes black and the LED from green to pulsing white and then to green and image resumes (effectively the set reboots).
    I can make a video and post here but I think it's self explanatory.



  • Hello cmmaia,

    if the TV is also rebooting while settings-screen without any source used or connected, I would not exclude that the TV has an hardware issue.

    Do you have a dealer near to you who can take a look at the TV set?

    Best regards,
    Dominik from Loewe-Team

  • I will try with no cables connected...

  • Today the set only blinks white and never boots up...

  • The mainboard is probably defective here. Is a case for the service technician.

  • I'm not sure but the tv might have rebooted while reinstalling software, so may have a corrupted software and not boot up

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