floor stand flex

I just purchased a Loewe bild-i 55 with the floor stand flex . the stand of my old loewe tv used to rotate manually +/- 45 degrees . the new stand I received does not . the instruction manual and all references on the internet say it should rotate . what I am missing ? is there a version of the stand that does no rotate ?


  • The stand can be rotated. However, it is rotated over the entire base plate, not at the top of the joint, like the old stands.

  • thank you ..have to figure how...but I don't see then why there is a reference all over of the +/- 45 degrees....

  • finally found out after uninstalling the tv from the stand . there is a screw under the Feld pad in the middle of the bottom of the base .One has too uncover the screw and then loose it up a bit to allow the upper disk to rotate . Nowhere in the instructions it is mentioned and the pictograms in the user guide don't show this middle screw . Loewe should update it's user instruction!!

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