On and off sound

Hi! I got a issue of my sound bar. The sound on and off today suddenly, what should I do?


  • Hi xpohei,

    which soundbar do you use?

    Best regards,
    Dominik from Loewe-Team

  • Loewe Klang Bar5 mr & Sub5 Soundbar and Subwoofer Set

  • Hi xpohei,

    Have you ever carried out a reset?
    Please try this!

    • set "klangbar" to standby
    • press and hold the "Play/Pause" button (either on the device or with the remote control) for approx. 8 seconds until "Reset" appears on the display.
    • pair "klangbar" and "subwoofer" again

    best regards

  • Hi Andreas,
    I did the reset, and still the same happen. And I contacted to the place I purchased. Now I am waiting any solution can fix if

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