Made for Music & More: The Loewe amp

Made for Music & More: The Loewe amp

With the integrated stereo power amplifier Loewe amp, we present another product for our audio portfolio. The powerful stereo amplifier is a true multi-talent and real problem solver serving as a bridge between analog, passive speakers, and modern, smart multi-room solutions.

The Loewe amp is the perfect solution for integrating passive speakers into a Loewe Multiroom or a Loewe Home Cinema system. Existing speakers, whether active or passive, become smart through the Loewe amp and can be used for audio streaming of all kinds, including Hi-Res Audio. Existing HiFi systems including passive speakers also get an upgrade to the smart streaming and multiroom world with the Loewe amp. Additionally, the multiroom stereo power amplifier, in conjunction with a Loewe soundbar and Loewe wireless digital audiolink technology, integrates any speakers as components for Loewe home cinema solutions without loss or latency.

In terms of possible applications, the Loewe amp is multifunctional and very versatile. In addition to stereo, multi-room and home cinema applications, the multi-talent can also be used in the B2B sector, such as for background sound in hotel lobbies or restaurants.

The stereo amplifier offers powerful music power of up to 1,200 watts. Individual sound settings are possible via the included remote-control Loewe remote mr. Basic functions can be operated with the central control element on the front and the current operating mode and the set volume are indicated by a discreet, multicolored LED line at the top of the Loewe amp's front panel.

An HDMI ARC port as a connection to the TV, RCA inputs for sources such as modern vinyl turntables, CD and MP3 players, and the integrated USB interface can be used for audio sources of all kinds. Two network jacks are available for LAN integration, even in a daisy-chain configuration. Wirelessly, the Loewe amp supports all important Bluetooth and WiFi standards. For connecting analog speakers, the amplifier has gold-plated banana plugs with cable receptacles, while active speakers are served via the RCA preamp output. Another RCA jack is used to connect an active subwoofer.

On the bottom of the case, there are two mounts for wall attachment as well as a tripod thread. In addition, the dimensions have been chosen so that two Loewe amp can be placed next to each other in a 19-inch rack. The high design quality has already been proven by the iF Design Award and the award "Red Dot Winner best of the best".

The Loewe amp will be available at authorized retailers and online from December 2023.

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