Loewe iconic collection: A Design Icon that fits your Taste

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Loewe iconic collection: A Design Icon that fits your Taste

The Loewe iconic is an impressive design TV model representing pure beauty and elegance, handcrafted from the durable solid surface material Syno-Stone. Yet Loewe has taken it a step further and is now offering the Loewe iconic collection, an individualization concept for its sculptural, all-encompassing design icon.

Within the iconic collection customers can now select from several basic colors for the stand solution: In addition to the elegant graphite grey finish, a bronze version is also available. Furthermore, there is a choice of the new exclusive stone finishes in pure white, midnight marble, diamond dust and ivory sands. With graphite grey, black and bronze, a choice of three acoustic fabric colors for the speaker cover can now also be chosen. In addition, the installation solution of the Loewe iconic can be individually extended with optional system components.

Syno-Stone color variations:

The Loewe iconic collection can be ordered at authorized retailers where you can see the materials and colour variants for yourself and receive advice on the various system components.

A true TV design icon: Loewe iconic

Loewe iconic is not a standard TV, it refines the living space with its sculptural form into an artful and gallery-like living space. This powerful set-up solution was created by Loewe's German design forge at its headquarters in Kronach.

Loewe iconic combines unique design with state-of-the-art TV and audio technology. There is a choice of two variants and the latest OLED displays in screen sizes of 55 and 65 inches. In addition, a sound bar is elegantly integrated behind the fabric panel. The two stylistically exceptional TV models Loewe iconic.65 and Loewe iconic.55 deliver a perfect TV picture. This is ensured by the latest OLED panel generation in conjunction with the calibration performed individually for each TV set. Manufactured on a high-tech production line at Loewe's headquarters in Kronach, the ultra-high resolution 4K OLED TVs are already calibrated at the factory, so that excellent picture quality is guaranteed from the first time the device is switched on.

Two powerful options to select from
Two chassis variants are available for the Loewe iconic: SL5 and SL7. Both are developed and produced in Germany.
The SL5 version offers the Loewe dr+ features: Thanks to the
1 terabyte integrated dr+ hard drive and dual-channel system and dual tuner, two TV shows can be recorded simultaneously, or one program can be watched and another recorded. Programs can also be interrupted and continued later with a time delay. The SL5 chassis also offers a special sound feature: With Mimi Sound Personalization™, the sound can be adjusted to the viewer's individual hearing ability.

The SL7 chassis is ideal for video on demand: The clearly laid out Loewe home screen shows all important content and an almost limitless selection of entertainment options at a glance. Watching TV, watching video-on-demand, listening to music, surfing the Internet, or using online services are just a few of the functions that the Loewe iconic reproduces in first-class picture quality. With the integrated Loewe dr+ hard disk recorder and 1 TB of hard disk space as standard, recording TV shows is easy.

A natural audio experience with impressive, room-filling cinema sound
Perfectly integrated into the design, the soundbar offers a natural audio experience with impressive, room-filling cinema sound and excellent speech intelligibility even in larger rooms. It has three integrated speakers (left, right and center) and two subwoofers. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Multiroom via Play-Fi, WDAL, AVR adapters are supported. In addition, two front and two rear speakers as well as a subwoofer (e.g., Loewe klang mr1/3/5, Loewe klang sub1) can be paired wirelessly without latency.

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