Portable stereo radio for the anniversary: Loewe radio.frequency

Portable stereo radio for the anniversary: Loewe radio.frequency

With the portable DAB+ radio Loewe radio.frequency we are celebrating our 100th anniversary with another special product as a tribute to the founding of the company in 1923 in Berlin under the name "Radio Frequenz GmbH". The Loewe radio.frequency offers mobile battery operation, stereo sound, DAB+, DAB as well as FM reception and plays audio signals via Bluetooth.

Two full-range speakers and a passive bass radiator provide 28 watts of total music power. The clear display is dimmable in brightness and shows the selected operating mode, the time, the program source information, and the charging level of the integrated Li-Ion battery. A programmable alarm with snooze function, a headphone output, and an antenna input round up the features.

The Loewe radio.frequency is covered in a special acoustic fabric developed by Loewe made of two-colored yarn in basalt gray. The top side with the controls and the volume knob, as well as the bottom side, are adorned with an inlay of fine, unsealed solid wood made of natural Canadian oak, which gives the radio a unique patina over time. The built-in Li-Ion battery allows up to 14 hours of operation without a power connection. It can be recharged via the included power adapter and the USB-C port. The radio can be secured against theft with a Kensington lock integrated on the back.

The anniversary radio Loewe radio.frequency is available online and at authorized retailers.

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