klang bar5 mr + klang mr: 5.1 setup questions

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  • AlinD
    bearbeitet August 2023

    Hello, i want to ask the following: i have the LOEWE klang bar5 mr & sub5+ mr1 as rears. If i will buy mr3 (left , right) i will be able to have 5.1 setup? On Play-fi , they tell me that i dont have enough speakers when i setup the Home theater.
    And one more think: if i will buy the mr 3 ( i will have then soundbar+subwoofer+2 fronts + 2 rears) i need to have min distance (in cm) from the soundbar to the fronts and also a max distance? or its not important the distance ?

  • And also i can switch my MR1 from rears to front for my soundbar Mr5? will be better as total sound on the room? on this moment my MR1 are placed on the wall in the back of my sofa

  • Dominik
    bearbeitet August 2023

    Hello AlinD,

    you can use the 5.1 system directly via "Wireless Audio Link" from soundbar to mr speakers. So soundbar will be the "master" in this case. So you don´t need to configure it within the PlayFi app as the 5.1 setup and control will be done via the klang bar.

    You can use the mr1,mr3 and mr5 speakers the way you want: You can use every speaker as front speakers, as well as for rear speakers. You simply have to switch the speaker configuration at klang bar and at the speaker.

    I have attached the two extracts from the manual of klang bar5 and klang mr. It´s really easy to change! :smile:

    Regarding the distance from the speakers: It is recommended that the distance between the loudspeakers and the listening position is as even as possible.

    Best regards,
    Dominik from Loewe-Team

    PS: I´ve seperated the topic into a new discussion to have it clearer overview.

  • Hi,

    Good comments, I can use this. Reading this comment, a question pop-up in my mind. I have own two klang mr3. I set them up as a stereo pair. Works great. I purchased now 2 mr1 and the bar 3, to use them for a 5.1 setup. After i setup all the speakers, is it still possible to use my two mr3 in stereo mode, to listen to music?


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