My Bild 3.65 won't turn ON

Hi all,

I have a Bild 3.65

Since a few days now, the TV simply won't turn ON. The Led light keeps blinking white and nothing happens. It just stays like that hours and hours...

The remote control works just fine.

My local Loewe dealer no longer represents the brand. I don't know what to do. The TV has only 4 years and costed a fortune.

Please help.

Thank you,



  • Hello Filipe,

    I suspect, that you already removed power for some minutes? From remote there is unfortunately no way to do a diagnosis of this case. Is there any other Loewe dealer near you who can have a look on your TV?

    Best regards,
    Dominik from Loewe-Team

  • Hello Dominik,

    There are no dealers near me as they all closed shop or no longer sell Loewe TV's. Is there any other way to find a solution? I read online that it is a known issue and it might be the signal board... What do you recommend? Thank you.

  • Hello ruifreitas,

    is the LED blinking or pulsing/fading?

    If it keeps pulsing, I would also suspect the problem at the mainboard.
    If it flashes in 1sec rhythm, also the panel could be defect.

    To discuss possible further repair options, we would need additional information, especially your location. Due to data privacy, it is not possible to discuss in the open forum.

    Can you please write a mail to our international after sales team? Email address is:

    You can directly use the link here for further reference.

    Best regards,
    Dominik from Loewe-Team

  • hello. My machine has also encountered this problem. May I ask if your problem has been resolved

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