Red Dot Award 2023: Triple win for Loewe

Loewe iconic, klang bar3 mr & klang sub1 successful:

No fewer than three Loewe products have received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. The Loewe design TV iconic, the Loewe soundbar klang bar3 mr and the Loewe subwoofer klang sub1 convinced the international jury and were honored in the product design competition.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design has existed in its origins since 1955 and is today one of the largest and most important design competitions worldwide – every year, numerous companies, and design studios from all over the world face the professional judgment of the international Red Dot jury. The best product designs of the year are honored in 51 categories, making the award a globally recognized and prestigious seal of quality for good design. Red Dot awards are only given to products that can impress with their outstanding design quality – like the Loewe iconic, the Loewe klang bar3 mr and the Loewe klang sub1 in 2023: Aesthetically appealing, functional, and innovative – the Red Dot Award emphasizes the outstanding design quality of the three Loewe devices.

“Loewe has considered itself as a renowned and innovative design brand for over 100 years, so we are extremely pleased that the product design of three of our devices has now been honored with the Red Dot Design Award 2023. The award is a confirmation of our brand DNA of combining German engineering, excellence, and quality with an exclusive design. Together, the Loewe iconic, the Loewe klang bar3 mr and the Loewe klang sub1 exemplify this unique combination that is characteristic of all Loewe products”, comments Christian Alber, COO of the Loewe Technology GmbH, on winning the Red Dot Award 2023.

The award-winning products in overview

 Loewe iconic: The TV design icon

With the Loewe iconic, the tradition-steeped brand from Kronach presents an impressive design TV model that is not just a high-quality TV with sound system, but an all-encompassing design icon: With its sculptural form and 360-degree design, the Loewe iconic refines the living room to become an artful and gallery-like setting. The basis is the unique, high-quality installation solution made of Syno-Stone material in the color Graphite Grey. Syno-Stone is a solid mineral material that is durable and very hygienic thanks to its non-porous surface. This unique design is combined with state-of-the-art TV- and audio-technology as the Loewe iconic offers a choice of two variations and the most modern OLED displays in screen sizes of 55 and 65 inches. In addition, a sound bar with 360 watts of total music power is elegantly integrated behind a fabric panel. The Loewe iconic is made in Germany.

 Loewe klang bar3 mr: Unique soundbar for all home theater demands

The compact soundbar Loewe klang bar3 mr offers a 3.1-channel sound system that provides an excellent home cinema experience as well as multi-room audio with 360 watts, seven front speakers and the integrated twin-drive subwoofer. It can be modularly expanded into a 5.1-channel home theater via the lossless and latency-free second-generation Loewe Wireless Digital Audiolink technology or the integrated AV receiver with preamplifier output and cinch sockets.

 Loewe klang sub1: Compact, vibration-free powerhouse

The compact Loewe klang sub1 subwoofer with 160 watts provides a dynamic, powerful bass foundation and thereby complements both the integrated audio solutions of Loewe TV sets and those of third-party providers with audio output controlled in parallel with the TV – thus turning a stereo TV into a 2.1 sound system. The design of the innovative subwoofer enables a very compact format, a wireless connection to the TV via Bluetooth aptX Low Latency and vibration-free sound reproduction. This is how the Loewe klang sub1 fits discreetly into any room.

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