Loewe celebrates 100 years

A century of inventiveness and luxury consumer electronics products:

In 2023, Loewe celebrates a very special anniversary: On January 22, the brand will be 100 years old. Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a globally active, tradition-rich company in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry over the decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation. Today, Loewe stands for inventiveness and a unique combination of German engineering, excellence, exclusive design and quality. The Loewe design philosophy continuously produces icons that are carefully planned to the smallest detail and made for the longevity that is so typical for Loewe. In this way, magical product experiences are created time and time again in people's everyday lives in order to inspire people today and in the future with the Loewe brand. The anniversary will be celebrated throughout the year, starting on March 2 with a ceremonial opening of the special exhibition "100 Years of Loewe Design History" at Loewe's home base in Kronach. Many other events and activities as well as various communication measures will follow in the course of the anniversary year.

Loewe celebrates 100 years of company history in 2023: Even a century after its founding by Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe in Berlin, the brand continues to shape the consumer electronics segment and is operating today as Loewe Technology GmbH in 42 countries with a broad range of high-quality, elegant TV and audio products. The heart of Loewe is the high-tech production site and the 200 employees primarily at the headquarters in Kronach. This is where true icons are created, since Loewe stands for aesthetically sophisticated design: timeless, highly functional, minimalist – the design philosophy is defined by these attributes. Loewe products are carefully planned to the smallest detail and – typically Loewe – made for longevity. In this way, the Loewe brand continues to create magical product experiences in people's everyday lives.

Tradition at Loewe: constantly reinventing itself.
The history of the Loewe brand is filled with impressive milestones: In 1931, together with researcher Manfred von Ardenne, Loewe presented the world's first fully electronic television set, which went into serial production in 1933. After the opening of the production plant in Kronach in 1948, Loewe impressed the world with further pioneering achievements in modern television and consumer electronics. In 1951, for example, Loewe established the model Iris, the first mass-produced television set on the market. In 1963, the Loewe Optaport made television entertainment mobile for the first time and, with the introduction of color television toward the end of the 1960s, also brought it closer to reality. In the early 1980s, Loewe introduced another market innovation with the stereo television. After the advent of the Internet, Loewe presented the first Smart TV Xelos@Media in 1997.
In Loewe's long history, 2019 marks the beginning of a new era for the company: Since Aslan Khabliev acquired the brand, Loewe has been an owner-managed family company, with Khabliev as both owner and CEO. At Loewe Technology GmbH, sustainable high-tech products par excellence continue to be created at the headquarters in Kronach, Upper Franconia, in the tradition-rich manufactory with high-tech production lines – Loewe is proud of its company DNA "Engineered & Made in Germany". Since 2019, the company has impressively realized its re-entry into the market with more than 20 new products in the TV and audio segment.

A Century Of Excellence: “Made in Germany“ from Kronach
With its headquarters and manufacturing site in Kronach, Loewe remains clearly committed to its tradition and will remain firmly rooted in the region in the future. Producing in Germany on the basis of the manufacturing concept enables a high level of adaptability: in contrast to mass production, Loewe focuses on individuality and flexibility of the product concepts.
An equally important part of Loewe's DNA is sustainability: the company is committed to producing beautifully designed, highly functional, modern, timeless and durable appliances. By selecting the finest and highest quality materials, careful precision work creates sustainable products that impress with energy efficiency, software updates as well as years of repair capability. In addition, production already runs on 100 percent green electricity.

A new century of excellence
Today's globally active brand looks back with passion and pride on its extraordinary history full of innovative strength, tradition and perfection in craftsmanship "Made in Germany”. The 100-year history will be maintained with a clear focus on the luxury segment, because even in the new Loewe century, the brand will remain committed to its roots and will continue to sustainably shape the TV and audio segments as a driver of innovation. The expert combination of technical masterpieces and elegant design icons will remain the hallmark – thus establishing Loewe as the reference for luxury in TV and audio portfolios worldwide. It is Loewe’s aspiration to achieve perfection with the industry's highest-quality components.
The Loewe Technology GmbH is going to maintain this aspiration and the culture of constantly reinventing itself while continuing the superior craftsmanship with creating luxury experiences par excellence. In addition, a focus in the anniversary year will be on expanding the global presence by intensifying valuable relationships with existing and new partners and strengthening the brand's visibility in selected sales channels. Loewe will invest in all points of contact with consumers, from presence at the point of sale to online appearance and customer service. In selling Loewe products, the company will continue to rely on close cooperation with qualified retailers and an international partner network.

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