Chassis SL4 - New software version Loewe os5.4.6.0

bearbeitet June 2023 in Chassis SL4

Dear Community,

The new Loewe os5.4.6.0 is available for all TVs with chassis SL4. This update will be offered successively on all devices via Internet update in the next few days.

However, the software update is already available to the Loewe community as a USB update.

File for download:

1. Download the USB file
2. Copy the file ("SL4xx_os5.4.6.0_production.tli") to a USB stick
3. Connect the USB stick to the TV
4. Update via System-settings -> Control-> Software update -> via USB
5. Restart the TV with the mains switch after the installation is complete

New features in Loewe os5.4.6.0:

  • New station logos for Astra and Hotbird for offline use
  • Deactivate Mobile Recording once and EPG preview picture permanently after software update
  • Added "Low Battery hint" menu item to the "On-screen-displays" menu to set whether the TV should inform about empty batteries in the remote control
  • Removed TIDAL tile from homescreen
  • Changed layout for the virtual keyboard

Optimizations in Loewe os5.4.6.0:

  • Mimi Defined: Download of individual hearing profiles is now possible again
  • Resolution of a problem where the satellite "Hotbird" was not detected via automatic satellite detection
  • Further bug fixes

Best regards,
Dominik from Loewe-Team


  • Software-Update wird während der Installation abgebrochen, obwohl zuerst angekündigt wird, dass er ein das neue Update auf dem USB-Stick gefunden hat. Fehlerursache?

  • mulleflup
    bearbeitet July 2023

    Anderer Stick, anderer USB Port probieren

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