Chassis SL7 - New software version os7.4 (version N0505)

bearbeitet May 2023 in Chassis SL7

Dear Community,

for TVs with chassis SL7 the new Loewe os7.4 (Version N0505) is available.

The update will be offered successively on all devices via internet update in the next days. The software update includes the following new features and optimizations:

General comfort & operation

  • Favourite lists can be renamed via the menu key
  • Improved readability for teletext
  • Vidaa voice control added for 14 languages (Ultra HD models only, not 32" Full HD): German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese
  • To avoid delayed operation feedback, the volume value is no longer displayed when a third-party sound device is connected via ARC or eARC on HDMI 2 (except for Loewe klang bar3/5 mr)
  • Settings menu is now available during timeshift and HbbTV operation
  • The front LED can be deactivated for standby:
  • Menu > Settings > System > Advanced Settings > Power Indicator

Loewe dr+ recording

  • Renaming of menu items "DR+" to "Recording" and "Recording List" to "DR+ archive"
  • Recording values for "start in advance" to 0/1/2/5 minutes, values for "delay ending" changed to 0/5/10/15 minutes
  • Media streaming: Loewe TV sets with Loewe chassis SL7 have access to Loewe TV sets with Loewe chassis SL3/4/5 for live TV and recordings
  • Timeshift buffer is no longer deleted in alternating operation (e.g. search dialog, input screen, home screen, HDMI input)
  • Recordings can be programmed with date
  • External hard disk can be formatted with TV
    Menu > Settings > Self Diagnosis > Format Hard Disk
    (the hard disk to be formatted can be selected)

Loewe home.automation

  • Remote API: new commands added for "show message", "start browser" and "start app"
  • Auto Init Mode to activate Wake-On-LAN/Wifi after mains power on:
    Menu > Settings > System > Advanced Settings > Auto Init Mode

  • Discrete IR codes added for "Power On", "Power Off", "HDMI 1-4" and "TV mode"

  • Control4 SDDP protocol implemented

General stability & performance

  • Support of Dolby Atmos with Disney+ App
  • Picture menu option "Ultra Smooth Motion" can now be disabled permanently
  • Permanent timeshift is now reliable available after switch-on with "Fast Power On"
  • Compatibility fix for stable video signal with Apple TV 4K 3.Gen when framerate changes
  • Compatibility for "TV doesn´t switch on ARC soundbar (e.g. SONOS ARC, Studio Sound)" improved
  • Bugfix for missing audio track on DVB channel in Germany
  • Display of teletext subtitles in Nordic countries improved
  • Playback of 576i files improved
  • Display for DVB subtitle improved
  • Compatibility for Screensharing with different Android smartphones improved
  • Service fix for jerky picture and audio dropouts with HD+ app
  • Service fix for a network error with Zattoo app
  • Service fix for SVT Play app when playback is resumed
  • Service fix for Ziggo interactive with activated "Fast Power On"
  • Bugfix for blocked TV during OLED calibration
  • Texts and translations corrected and improved

Best regards,
Dominik from Loewe-Team


  • There is a mistake on spanish translation of (new named) menu item "DR+ archive"

    The correct Spanish translation is “Archivo DR+” instead “Archivo GD+” present in new firmware.

    All other references to Digital Recording+ on tv menus are untranslated and appears like DR+.

    GD+ seems a direct translation of DR+ in Spanish “Grabación Digital+” -> GD+. This translation only appears on the new renamed menu.

    Best regards

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