klang mr 1/3/5 - New software version V2.045

bearbeitet April 2023 in klang mr 1/3/5

Dear Community,

For klang mr1, mr3 and mr5 a new software version V2.045 is available.

Changes in V2.045:

  • Fixed an issue where wireless speakers (connected with Loewe soundbars) would sporadically not turn on
  • Fix for a problem where wireless speakers (connected with Loewe soundbars) sporadically play the wrong channel

The software version incl. Release-Notes and Update-Instruction can be found directly at https://www.loewe.tv/de/support

Best regards,
Dominik from Loewe-Team


  • Hello Dominick,
    I think it's great that work is being done on the versions of our speakers.
    I have two mr1 speakers and one mr3 and I use them mainly for listening to music, not as a TV audio system.
    In this new update I will be able to enjoy the speakers without the filter that they carry in the passives not leaving the music without bass or without punch???
    Since the response of Loewe Spain and Loewe Germany was that they would study it without further response until today.
    I am very unhappy with the treatment and the response offered. It is a high investment for the sound quality they now provide.
    And I would like you to give me an answer as to whether it will improve in this or in future updates, or if I will simply continue with its sound quality.

  • Point out that the poor sound quality is only in mr1.

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