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Good evening,
I'm interesting to buy a bluray player (or a media player who have SACD) who have also SACD (On this moment i have the TV and the soundbar+rears (connected via HDMI eARC) Can work with my soundbar bar5 or not? If can work can tell me the steps i will need to do? Also if will work, depends on the source, when i play music i will have high-resolution audio in surround sound modes 5.1, and when i want to see movies or channes i will have the audio depening on what i will have? pcm, dts, atmos, dolby surround?


  • I understand. Was an option with DAC Eversolo Z8 and media player (connected to the soundbar) but i think i can not do that on my system as DAC will need to connect with analog RCA to soundbar (and also DAC need to be connected with USB to media player)
    Media player can connect with the soundbar by HDMI.

  • Honestly. Such a device belongs to a reasonable hi-fi system.
    The Klangbar 5mr is already very good as a Klangbar, but not a high-end music system where you would hear the differences between high-res and normal CDs.

  • I see MullerFlup. Thank you for information.

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